Selling at car boot sales is simple and fun if you stick to a few golden rules:

  • Always arrive with plenty of time to set up your stall at the car boot sale.

  • Plan the way you load your car ready for the car boot sale, this way when you unload your car for the boot sale, everything comes out in the right order and can be placed on your car boot stall.

  • Always pack your selling table last. This way it's the first thing you take out when you get to there, otherwise you'll end up having to unpack everything first and then put the items onto it afterwards.

  • Make sure to pack some refreshments as you might not get the chance to leave your selling table.

  • Try to bring a friend. Having someone there to take over the stand if you need to do something can be very useful!

  • Make sure you have change. You don't want to be turning away sales or rounding down because you can't give the correct change.

  • Keep your money with you at all times in a money belt, it keeps it safe plus you are always ready to make a sale!

  • Have your pitch money ready before entering as this is collected on the gate.

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